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Love Always Lavender Vanilla Patchouli Scented Stones Candle


Live with the intention to Love Always. 


Love begets love. If you show it, you will feel it. If you give it, you will receive it. -Elizabeth Bourgeret- 


These scented natural crystal Sparkle Stones will uplift your day with words of encouragement paired with the warm scent of vanilla, fresh lavender, and hints of orange. This scent brings a relaxing and peaceful energy to any room. Bring a little sparkle anywhere you can’t burn a candle. Perfect for the office, bedroom, bathroom, and families with pets or children who are cautious with the open flame of candles. Great gift for a student, friend, boss, teacher, and co-worker. 



13.5 oz Double Old Fashioned Glass Tumbler with a Matte Black Lid

  • Sealed inside of a resealable black bag 
  • Paraffin, Phthalate, and color free.
  • Packaged in a gift box made from recycled paper accented in Gold Foil.
  • Sealed inside of a resealable black bag 
  • Fragrance will last for months if you keep it away from heat to prevent premature drying out the scented stones.
  • Made from natural stone, crystal potpourri.
  • Made in the USA